Thanks to all of the attendees, staff, and sponsors who made the 2012 BEM a huge success!

We look forward to seeing everyone at the 2013 BEM in Savannah, Georgia where the meeting will be hosted by Dan Gleason and Georgia Southern University. Good luck, Dan!

Introducing the Staff Who Made the 2012 BEM Possible

Casey Boleman (Conference Administrative Assistant and "Queen of the 2012 BEM"; ODU)
Charlotte Kimbro (A/V Supervisor; ODU), Jack Butler (A/V Coordinator; ODU), John Tiggelaar (ODU), Jason Spadero (ODU), Ben Gutzler (ODU), Antonio Baeza (ODU), Lester Gittens (ODU), Jenni Stanley (Univ. Aukland), Nate Truelove (Univ. Manchester), Becky Squibb (ODU), Elliott Hart (Univ. FL), Mike Dickson (Univ. FL), Colin Howe (ODU), Tamara Morris (ODU), Jessica Miller (ODU), Matt Semcheski (ODU), Brandon Rowan (ODU), Amanda Ackiss (ODU), Jeremy Raynal (ODU), Mia Comeros-Raynal (ODU), Heather Harwell (ODU), Andrew Hines (ODU)

2012 Winners Award Student

Best Oral Presentation
     1st Place: Michael Gil - University of Florida; "Grazing across a reefscape: Using Google Earth to measure the effects of spatial habitat features on herbivory"

     2nd Place: Ann Marie Coile - Arkansas State University; "An experimental field test of susceptibility to ectoparasitic gnathiid isopods among Caribbean reef fishes"

     3rd Place: Abel Valdivia - University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill; "Caribbean reef fish assemblage and trophic structure along a fishing pressure gradient"

Best Poster Presentation
     1st Place: Holly Blackburn - College of William and Mary; "The effect of maternal investment on cloning frequency in the sea star Asteriasforbesi"

     2nd Place: Lauren Stenfaniak - University of Connecticut; "Fragmentation and invasibility in Didemnum vexillum"

     3rd Place: Mitchell Jones - Gettysburg College; "Mussel beds are mostly…mud and shells, not mussels! Ecosystem engineer cover types alter sediment, macrofauna, and meiofauna in Maine, USA"

2012 Beneath the Waves Film Festival Winners

Best Student Film
     Stephanie Yin (Brown University)
    "Trophic Cascades of the Purple Marsh Crab"

Best Conservation Film
    Madison Stewart (Independent Filmmaker, Australia)
    "Time Will Tell"

People's Choice Film
     Gaby Bastyra (Filmmaker, Bee Productions, United Kingdom)
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