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                Bachelor of Science in Biology

Following completion of Biology 115N/116N, students complete their foundation in the Biological Sciences with a series of core courses: BIOL 291 (Ecology); 292 (Evolution); 293 (Cell Biology); 303 (Genetics); and 405W (Biology Seminar). All core courses must be passed with a C (2.0) or better.

In addition to the foundation courses, students must complete 16 credit hours of Biology electives. Elective courses allow students to explore areas of particular interest, such as marine biology, microbiology, botany, zoology, and/or to prepare for professional or graduate school. Electives must include a minimum of three laboratory courses and can include a maximum of 4 credit hours at the 200 level. Lab courses are identified in the University Catalog, which also provides complete course descriptions and their pre- and co-requisites. Each elective must be passed with a C or better to be applied for the degree. 

Coursework in Biology is supported by significant preparation in mathematics and other sciences. Students must complete: CHEM 121N/122N - CHEM 123N/124N, 211, and 5 hours at the 200 level or above; PHYS 111N/112N or OEAS 111N or 110N/112N; STATS 130M and MATH 200; and CS 121G.

Biology Major requirements are detailed on the Biology Major Curriculum Sheet; choose your catalog year for the correct curriculum information.

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