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Department of Biological Sciences

Premedical, Dental, or Veterinary Emphasis

Biology students seeking careers in medicine, dentistry, osteopathy, optometry or podiatry should attend group advising sessions with Dr. Ralph W. Stevens, the College of Sciences Pre-Health Advisor, in addition to meeting with their regular advisors.

Science courses required by all of the above professional programs are: BIOL 115N/116N; CHEM 121N/122N - CHEM 123N/124N, 211/212, 213/214; PHYS 111N/112N (or 231N/232N) and one year of college mathematics. Students should confer with their advisors to select the most appropriate math courses and additional science courses. The most frequently recommended biology courses are in the areas of human or vertebrate anatomy and physiology and those stressing the molecular and cellular levels of organization. However, students also are encouraged to explore other disciplines while they have the opportunity, to develop a broader view of life processes and the human condition.

Students interested in applying to a post-graduate professional health program such as medical school, dental school, or veterinary school should visit the Pre-Health website.



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