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Prospective Biology Students

Thank you for your interest in the undergraduate biology program at Old Dominion University.  Students who pursue a major in biology have the opportunity to learn from world class faculty members who have a diverse array of interests in biological sciences from the molecular to the global level.  In addition to completing courses in the core areas of cell biology, ecology, evolution, and genetics, the biology degree allows students to pursue their specific interests in biology through upper-level elective coursework in a variety of areas such as marine biology, human anatomy and physiology, cellular and molecular biology, evolutionary biology, ecological biology, infectious diseases and disease vectors.

Interested in:

Marine Biology - Meet Dr. Mark Butler

Anatomy and Physiology - Meet Dr. James Swanson

Ecological Biology - Visit the Kaplan Orchid Conservatory

Cellular/Molecular Biology - Meet Dr. Dave Gauthier

The College of Sciences MGB 236 Advising Suite coordinates undergraduate advising for all Biology majors. Please visit the College of Sciences Advising website for more information.