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Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Bachelor of Science - Chemistry Major with Teaching Licensure

This program leads to eligibility for teacher licensure in Virginia and is available only to individuals holding a baccalaureate degree or completing requirements for a Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry.


Students wanting to be admitted to the teacher education program must have a 2.75 grade point average in the major and overall, with no grade less than a C- in the content area and the professional education core, no grade less than a C in the major, and have passed PRAXIS I or achieved State Board of Education-approved SAT scores. Although students may enroll in a limited number of education courses, passing PRAXIS I scores or SAT scores must be on file with the Office of Teacher Education Services and Advising prior to enrollment in any education practicum course or courses in developing instructional strategies. It is recommended that students take the PRAXIS I exam prior to, or during, enrollment in ECI 301.


Chemistry Courses     Hrs
CHEM 121/122-123/124 or CHEM 137N/138N        Foundations of Chemistry I & II or Accelerated General Chemistry I & II Lecture /Lab                       8 or 6
CHEM 211-213            Organic Chemistry Lecture I & II                    6
CHEM 212-214            Organic Chemistry Laboratory I & II              4
CHEM 321                    Analytical Chemistry Lecture                          3
CHEM 322                    Analytical Chemistry Laboratory                    2
CHEM 331-333            Physical Chemistry Lecture I & II                    6
CHEM 332W-334W         Physical Chemistry Laboratory I & II             4
CHEM 351                   Inorganic Chemistry                                3
CHEM 421                   Instrumental Analysis Lecture  3
CHEM 422                   Instrumental Analysis Laboratory                               3
CHEM 441                   Biochemistry Lecture                                         3
CHEM 485                   Chemistry Seminar                                           1
CHEM electives. Select one from below:                                                                 
CHEM 415                   Intermediate Organic Chemistry                                           3
CHEM 443                   Intermediate Biochemistry                                          3
CHEM 449                    Environmental Chemistry                                          3
CHEM 451                   Advanced Inorganic Chemistry                                          3
CHEM 453                   Essentials of Toxicology                                          3
CHEM electives. Select one from below:                                                                 
CHEM 352                   Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory                                          2
CHEM 442W                   Biochemistry Laboratory                                          4
CHEM 452                    Advanced Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory                                           2
CHEM 497/498 (2 credits)                     Independent Study                                           1/2

Other Required Courses

In addition to completing the university's lower division general education requirements, chemistry majors must complete the following courses.

Courses     Hrs
MATH 163 Precalculus II 3
MATH 211 Calculus I 4
MATH 212 Calculus II 4
MATH 312 Calculus III 4
PHYS 231N-232N University Physics I & II 8

Chemistry majors must have a C or better in 121N/122N - CHEM 123N/124N, 311-313, 312-314, 321, and 322, and must complete a minimum of 12 credits in upper level (300/400) chemistry courses at Old Dominion University. Written permission by the CDA or chair is required prior to taking upper level chemistry courses at other institutions.

Upper Division Requirements: Minor in Education

 Courses   Hrs 
TLED 301 Foundations and Introduction to Assessment in Education 3
TLED 430 PK-12 Instructional Technology (satisfies CS requirement) 3
TLED 360 Classroom Management and Discipline 2
SPED 406 Students with Diverse Learning Needs in the General Education Classroom 3
TLED 408 Reading & Writing in Content Areas 3
SPED 313 Fundamentals of Human Growth & Development 3
STEM 454 Developing Instructional Strategies for Teaching in the Middle/High School: Science 4
TLED 483 Practicum Seminar in Education (corequisite with STEM 454) 
TLED 485 Student Teaching 12


Students must maintain a general grade point average of 2.75 in the academic major and complete all degree requirements for the major and in the professional education core with no grade less than a C- for continuance in the College of Education. In order to obtain a Virginia teaching license, all teacher education students must attain passing scores on the appropriate PRAXIS II specialty area tests. A list of the passing scores established by the Virginia Department of Education is available on the Virginia Department of Education web site or the Office of Teacher Education Services and Advising, Education 152. The PRAXIS II Chemistry Content Examination must be passed before the candidate may begin the teacher internship. Passing PRAXIS II scores must be on file in the Office of Teacher Education Services and Advising and attached to the internship application.


Requirements for graduation include passage of the Exit Examination of Writing Proficiency; completion of the Senior Assessment; a minimum 2.75 grade point average overall and in the major, with no grade less than a C in the major, minor, and professional education core; and completion of a minimum of 134 credit hours. Additional hours may be required to meet the foreign language requirement. The professional education core satisfies the Upper Division General Education requirement.