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College of Sciences

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Dr. Craig A. Bayse

Graduate Program Director


Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry, Texas A&M University, 1998
B.S. in Chemistry, Roanoke College, 1994

Teaching Responsibilities:

CHEM 115N Foundations of Chemistry
CHEM 331-333 Physical Chemistry
CHEM 332-334 Physical Chemistry Lab
CHEM 451/551 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry
CHEM 795 Computational Chemistry
CHEM 795 Bioinorganic Chemistry

Research Interests:

My interests include theoretical studies of structure and dynamics in transition metal complexes,  transition-metal-mediated catalysis, and photochemical and biochemical processes involving transition-metal and main-group inorganic centers.Our current areas of research involve (a) the biological activity of selenium, a trace element whose antioxidant properties impart protection against cancer, cardiovascular disease and the side-effects of stroke; (b) a theoretical analysis of the relationships between the electron structure of molybdenum and tungsten and their selective uptake and utilization by organisms; and (c) the chemotherapeutic roles of the ruthenium, palladium and platinum.Other interests include development of new methods for calculating electron correlation and relativistic effects.

Personal website:



Office: Alfriend Chemistry Building Room 402
Laboratory: Alfriend Chemistry Building Room 406

Contact Information:

Dr. Craig A. Bayse
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Old Dominion University
4541 Hampton Boulevard
, Virginia 23529-0126

Office phone: 757-683-4097
Laboratory phone: 757-683-6408
Fax number: 757-683-4628

e-mail: cbayse@odu.edu