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H. Rodger Harvey

H. Rodger Harvey
Professor and Chair

Office Phone: (757)683-6298
E-mail: rharvey@odu.edu
Office Location: OCNPS 406A
Curriculum Vitae
Research Group Site

Research Interests


Current Projects

  • Organic Geochemistry and Biogeochemistry
  • Sources, transformation and fate of organic compounds in aquatic environment and their linkages with climate
  • Natural product biochemistry


COMIDA-Hanna Shoal Ecosystem Study. Chemical and benthos evaluation of oil lease sites in the Chukchi Sea

Integrating Geochemistry and Proteomics to Assess Protein Sources and Their Fate in Marine Systems. NSF (Chemical Oceanography)

BEST Synthesis: The Trophic Role of Euphausiids in the Eastern Bering Sea: Responses to Changing Sea-Ice Conditions. NSF (Arctic Sciences)

Educational Background



1985 Microbiology, Ph.D. University of Georgia
1979 Biology/Chemistry, B.S. Virginia Tech
Environmental Geochemistry II

Regional Issues in Climate Change

Graduate Seminars: Isotope Geochemistry, Climate Policy

Selected Publications

Moore, E.K., B.L. Nunn, D.R. Goodlett and H.R. Harvey. 2012. Tracking individual diatom proteins through the marine water column: insights into the inputs and preservation mechanisms of protein in sediments. Geochemica Cosmochimica Acta 83:324-359.
Huang, S., S.W. Wilhelm, H.R. Harvey, K. Taylor, N. Jiao1and F. Chen. 2011. Novel lineages of Prochlorococcus and Synechococcus in the global oceans. ISME Journal, 1-13.
Taylor, K.T. and H.R. Harvey 2011. Bacterial hopanoids as tracers of organic carbon sources and processing across the Western Arctic continental shelf. Organic Geochemistry 42: 487-497.
Nunn, B.L., Y.S. Ting, L. Malmstroem, Y.S. Tsai, A. Squier, D.R. Goodlett and H.R. Harvey. 2010. The path to preservation: Using proteomics to decipher the fate of diatom proteins during microbial degradation. Limnology & Oceanography 55:1790-1804.
Harvey, H. R., S-J. Ju, W-S. Kim, L. Feinberg, T. Shaw and W.T. Peterson. 2010. The biochemical estimation of age in euphausiids: laboratory calibration and field comparisons. Deep Sea Research II 57:663-671
Belicka, L.L. and H.R. Harvey. 2009. The sequestration of terrestrial organic carbon in Arctic Ocean sediments: a comparison of methods and implications for regional carbon budgets. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 73:6231-6248.
Ju, S-J., H-K. Kang,W.S. Kim and H.R. Harvey. 2009. Comparative lipid dynamics of euphausiids from the Antarctic and Northeast pacific Oceans. Marine Biology 156:1459-1473.td>
Belicka, L.L., R. W. Macdonald and H.R. Harvey. 2009. Trace element and molecular markers of organic carbon dynamics along a shelf-basin continuum in sediments of the western Arctic Ocean. Marine Chemistry 115: 72-85.
Harvey, H. R., D.H. Secor and S-J. Ju. 2008. The use of extractable lipofuscin for age determination of crustaceans: Reply to Sheehy (2008). Marine Ecology Progress Series 353:307-311.
Harvey, H.R. 2006. Sources and Cycling of Organic Matter in the Marine Water Column. In: J. Volkman, [Ed.], The Handbook of Environmental Chemistry. Marine Organic Matter: Biomarkers, Isotopes and DNA. Chapter 1. Springer pp 1-27.