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Victoria Hill

Victoria Hill

Assistant Research Professor
Graduate Student Coordinator

Office Phone: (757)683-4911
E-mail: vhill@odu.edu
Office Location: OCNPS 343
Current Students: Billur Celebi,
Malee Jinuntuya & Meredith L. McPherson

Curriculum Vitae
Research Group

Educational Background

2002 Biological Oceanography, Ph.D. Southampton Institute
1998 Marine Bio./Oceanography, Honours B.Sc. University North Wales, Bangor, UK

Research Interests


Current Projects

Optical oceanography

Studying the behavior of light in water and utilizing this information to determine algae biomass

The effects of dissolved material on arctic heating

Chromophoric dissolved organic material (CDOM) in Arctic surface waters, implications for solar heating

Long-Term Impact of Climate Warming and Ocean Carbonation on Eelgrass (Zostera marina L.)

Integrated modeling of SAV habitat requirements: improving predictions of water quality on a critical marine resource

The Fate of Summertime Arctic Ocean Heating: A Study of Ice-Albedo Feedback on Seasonal to Interannual Time Scales

Selected Publications

Victoria. J. Hill; Patricia Matrai; Elise Olson; S. Suttle Mike Steele; Lou Codispoti; Richard Zimmerman (submitted). Synthesis of primary production in the Arctic Ocean: II. In situ and remotely sensed integrated estimates, 1999-2007. Progress in Oceanography
Hill, V. J and Zimmerman, R.C. (2010). Limitations of remote sensing for estimating net primary production in the Arctic. Deep Sea Research 57 (10): 1243-1254
Hill, V. (2008) The Impacts of Chromophoric Dissolved Organic Material on Surface Ocean Heating in the Chukchi Sea. Journal Geophysical Research (113) doi:10.1029/2007JC004119.
Hill, V.J., G.F. Cota, and D. Stockwell (2005). Spring and Summer Phytoplankton Communities in the Chukchi and Eastern Beaufort Seas. Deep Sea Research II 52:3369-3385
Hill, V.J, and G.F. Cota (2005). Spatial patterns of primary productivity in the Chukchi Sea in the spring and summer of 2002. Deep Sea Research II 52: 3344-354