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Program Overview

At Old Dominion University (ODU), we offer an HFES-accredited doctoral program in human factors psychology that features talented and committed faculty, world-class research resources, multidisciplinary collaboration, a close-knit community of scholars, and the opportunity to do ground-breaking research. Situated in the center of the beautiful and economically thriving Hampton Roads area, ODU is closely allied with academic, federal, military, and industrial partners such as the Virginia Modeling, Analysis and Simulation Center, Eastern Virginia Medical School, NASA Langley, US Navy, US Joint Forces Command, and Northrop Grumman Newport News Shipyard.ODU is a leader in distance education, serving a wide student base through regional and shipboard centers, and by symbiotic connections with institutions like William and Mary and George Mason Universities.Our faculty members represent a combination of experience and energy, conducting funded research on diverse topics such as military simulation, surface and air transportation, medical simulation and error analysis, and team processes.

Program Philosophy

The Ph.D. program in human factors at ODU follows the scientist-practitioner model, emphasizing psychological theory and behavioral science.ODU faculty members understand the fundamental and ancillary areas of human factors, and they are well versed in statistics and re­search methodolo­gy.At ODU, you'll gain an appreciation of the broader organization­al context for practicing human fac­tors, and you will receive valuable practical experience.We encourage students to make innovative and professional contributions to the field. Our performance expec­tations and standards are high; however, faculty members are committed to your success.The learning environment is open, nurturing, and cooperative, and students are encouraged to be active partners in the learning process.

To hear student perspectives about the human factors field and program at ODU, see the following videos:

Student video

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