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Thesis and Dissertation Approval

Thesis and Dissertation Templates

The COS Thesis and Dissertation templates conform to the most recent Old Dominion University Guide for Preparation of Theses and Dissertations, but they do not contain all required formatting information. These templates are designed to be used in conjunction with the ODU guide. Please consult the guide while using the templates so that you have all of the necessary formatting information for a speedy and easy College of Sciences review.

If you have questions concerning the thesis/dissertation template format, please contact the Associate Dean's Office. If you have difficulty in downloading these documents, contact the COS webmaster. Click on the links below to download the template files.

Microsoft Templates

These three templates are the same except for table of contents formatting. See the sample pages at the end of the ODU guide for examples.
Version One
Version Two
Version Three

Latex Templates

There is only one LATEX template available. You should be familiar with LATEX before using this template. Please click on the example file to see what the finished output will look like.
ODU thesis.sty

Virginia Consortium Clinical Psychology Students

Virginia Consortium Clinical Psychology students are required to use a different title page than other College of Sciences students. Depending on your class, before 2009 or after, and your degree, Psy.D. or Ph.D., download the appropriate Title Page Template (below) AND one of the three complete Microsoft templates of your choice (above). Copy/paste instructions for using the title page template with COS Microsoft templates are on page 2 of the title page template.
Ph.D. Title Page Template
Psy.D. class of 2009 and earlier Title Page Template
Psy.D. class of 2010 and later Title Page Template

Hints for using the templates

  1. Place cursor in the appropriate field and type or copy and paste the information.
  2. Delete any unnecessary pages and/or fields but DO NOT delete the section breaks.
  3. In the Microsoft templates, the copyright page is iii, but if the abstract is two pages, this page should be iv. To change this page number:
    • while your cursor is in the body of the Copyright page, click on the "Insert";
    • click on "Page Number";
    • click on "Format Page Numbers";
    • go to "Page Numbering" and begin the page numbering at iv instead of iii