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What happens if I stop attending classes?
If you stop attending classes you will receive a grade of WF (unofficial withdrawal).  This is the equivalent of an F but  looks worse on your transcript because it shows that you did not complete the semester.  If you classes are not going well or something happens to prevent you from attending, it is always better to withdraw from the course completely.  In this case you will receive a grade of W which is a neutral grade and does not affect your GPA.  However, you should always check with Financial Aid before you withdraw from a class to make sure it will not affect your aid award.
What if I get into an accident or have a medical emergency?
If you get into an accident or have a medical emergency that interferes with your ability to attend class or complete assignments, contact Stella Mims with Student Ombudsperson Services (SOS), 2800 Webb Center.  SOS assists students with course withdrawals, absence notifications, crisis assistance, emergency grants, conflict resolution and withdrawal from the University.  Contact SOS at 757-683-3442 or ODUCares@odu.edu
What happens if I don't pass a course?  Can I retake it?
For most of your major courses, you must earn a grade of C or better for the class to count toward fulfilling degree requirements.  Additionally, all math and chemistry courses require grades of C or better to move on to the next class in the sequence required for your major.  If you earn a grade of C- or below, if you retake the course Grade Forgiveness  will be automatically applied once the second grade is posted.  This means that your second grade will replace the first, and the first grade will no longer be counted toward your GPA (although the first grade still appears on your transcript).  You are limited to using Grade Forgiveness for up to 5 classes, once per class.  If you earn a grade of C or better and want to retake a course you may do so but you will not receive Grade Forgiveness and the two grades will average in your GPA.
 What is the grading scale?

 Each letter grade carries a grade point value that is used in calculating the grade point average (GPA). Grades with + or - carry different grade points than the letter grade alone (i.e., B=3.00 grade points, B+ = 3.30 grade points, B- = 2.70 grade points). The cumulative GPA is determined by dividing the total grade points earned by the total credit hours attempted.  The Registrar's Office provides information on grade point values and how to calculate your GPA.

Are online classes available?
Online classes are available at ODU, but within the College of Sciences the only major that currently offers online classes is Psychology.  You may be able to take general education courses online.
Is specific computing hardware or software required?
Software requirements will vary by class.  ODU does not have a computer requirement; all students have access to free computer labs around campus.  However, it is strongly recommended that you bring your own computer.  While you may bring any notebook that meets ODU's minimum technical specifications, we strongly urge you to consider one of ODU's recommended notebooks.  The Mobile Monarch Program offers educational pricing on Apple, Dell and Lenovo computers. 
Can I finish this degree in four years?
All ODU degrees require a minimum of 120 credits for graduation.  An average course load of 15 credits per semester makes is possible for a student to complete any ODU degree in four years.
What can I do if a class I need is full or not offered?
If a class is full, we recommend that you check Leo Online regularly so that if seats become available you can register.  You have until the end of the add/drop period every semester to change your schedule without a grade or financial penalty.  Some classes are not offered every semester; some may be offered every fall, every spring, every other fall or spring, etc.  Check with your academic advisor for more specific information about course offerings for your major.
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