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All students must complete a plan in DegreeWorks before they will be seen by an advisor.  Review the curriculum sheet for your major and have a tentative plan of the classes you would like to take next semester.  You should review the course descriptions in the catalog prior to your appointment to ensure that you are aware of any course prerequisite requirements.  You can watch an overview of DegreeWorks on ODU's You Tube channel or use the instructions below to create and/or edit your DegreeWorks plan.

To Access DegreeWorks:

ODU Portal

  • Log in to the ODU Portal: https://my.odu.edu
  • Click the ACADEMIC link (located near the top, left of the page)
  • Click DegreeWorks (this will open a new window; if you use a pop-up blocker you should add *.odu.edu to the Pop-up Blocker exceptions list in your pop-up blocker settings menu
  • DegreeWorks will open in a new window and automatically display your current degree audit worksheet.

LEO Online

  • Log in to LEO Online: www.leoonline.odu.edu (you will need your UIN and PIN)
  • Click Admissions, Registration, Student Records.....
  • Click Student Records
  • Click Degree Works for Students
    (Note: If you use a pop-up blocker, you may need to add *.odu.edu to the Pop-up Blocker exceptions list in your Pop-up Blocker settings menu.)
  • DegreeWorks will open in a new window and automatically display your current degree audit worksheet.

To Create A Plan in DegreeWorks:

  1. Access DegreeWorks following the instructions provided above.
  2. Click on the Planner tab
  3. The screen will display with 2 panes. The left is the Planner Worksheet and the right-side is the Student Educational Planner. At the top of the Student Educational Planner enter a Description (e.g. BIOLOGY MAJOR W/ CHEMISTRY MINOR).
  4. Scroll down the Student Educational Planner window pane until you see the first term section. The drop-down should show "Select Term." Select the first term you wish to build (note: it cannot be the current term).
  5. In the rows under the term, you can either type in the course subject/number or find the course in the Planner Worksheet on the left and drag-and-drop them on the rows in the planner. If you type in the courses they must appear exactly as they do in the University catalog along with the number of credits for each course. The first box is for the course subject number (e.g. BIOL 115N). The next field is for the number of credits. Once you have the plan for that term completed, move to the next term block. 

  6. When you have finished building your plan, click Save Plan. You will get a pop-up window stating whether the plan saved or identifying errors. If an error displays, red arrows will appear next to each course in the planner that has a problem. Usually these issues are related to invalid course numbers. Double-check the course number and try again.