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Transfer Students:
Making an Easier Transition

Welcome to Old Dominion University!  If you have not yet applied for admission to ODU, please visit the Admissions Office website.  Once you have been admitted, you should complete the following steps to ensure a smooth transition to the University. All students are required to meet with an academic advisor every semester before registration. 

Get Connected:

  • Memorize Your UIN: Your UIN, or University Identification Number, is a unique number that you will use often at ODU. You will be asked for your UIN every time you meet with an advisor, so you should memorize this number as soon as possible.

  • Activate Your MIDAS Account: MIDAS (Monarch Identification and Authorization System) is a log-in ID and password management system that allows you to log in to ODU computer resources such as computer labs, Blackboard, email, etc. with the same user ID and password. Activating your MIDAS account also activates your ODU student email account. It is very important that you do this immediately as you will receive all official University communication via your ODU student email account.

Prepare for Academic Advising:

  • Transfer Online Orientation: Complete the Transfer Online Orientation provided through the PREVIEW/Orientation website.  This provides important information about ODU including academic programs and student services to make your transition to ODU as smooth as possible.  Completing the Online Orientation also allows you to register for Transfer Preview and activates your access to the Writing Sample Placement Test and Transfer Student Survey.

  • Register for Tranfer PREVIEW:  Once you complete the Transfer Online Orientation you will be given the option to register for an on-campus Preview, where you will receive a general overview of the programs and services available to you as an ODU student, meet with an academic advisor to review the curriculum for your major and register for classes.  If you are transferring fewer than 24 credit hours to ODU you are required to attend Preview.  While Preview is not required for students transferring 24 or more credit hours from a community college or four-year institution, it is highly recommended that you attend.  If you choose not to attend Preview you will need to schedule a meeting with the academic advisor for your intended major.  

  • Review Your Transcripts in Leo Online:  You should review your ODU transcripts to make sure that all of the credit you were expecting to transfer has been posted to your account.  Please allow up to three (3) weeks from the date of your admission for your credit to be posted to your ODU transcripts.  To review your transcripts, log-in to Leo Online and click on Admissions, Registration, Student Records, etc.  Go to Student Records and select Academic Transcript.

  • Writing Sample Placement Test (WSPT): All incoming students, regardless of transfer credit for English Composition, are required to complete the Writing Sample Placement Test.  Instructions on how to access this on-line test are provided at the end of the Transfer Online Orientation. Questions and problems concerning the Writing Placement Test should be emailed to wspt@odu.edu.

  • Transfer Student Survey (TSS): The Transfer Student Survey is a required  assessment all transfer students must complete before the end of their first semester at ODU. Questions regarding the Transfer Student Survey should be emailed to assess@odu.edu.

Take Care of Business

  • Parking Pass : Avoid the long lines, and register for your parking pass online.

  • Student Health Services: If you are a full-time student, you must submit your health records to the Health Services Office. Failure to do this will result in a block being placed on your account preventing registration.

  • University Card Center: After you register for classes, you can get your student ID card. The University Card Center is located in the Webb Center South Mall by the food court.

  • ODU Bookstore: The Old Dominion Bookstore is located at 4417 Monarch Way near the Ted Constant Center.

For more information, please contact Tammy Hanna,Transfer Advisor for the College of Sciences.