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Dr Robert Ratzlaff

Biology M.S., PhD, Biomedical Science
Biological Sciences Dept.
Rm 202G, MGB; 757-683-4361

Dr Ian Bartol

Ecological Sciences Ph.D.
Biological Sciences Dept.
Rm 3120B PSB; 757-683-4737

Dr. John Donat Chemistry & Ph.D.
Chemistry & MS.
Chemistry & Department
Alfriend Chem. Bldg;  Room 402 757-683-4097
Dr. Zubair M.

Computer Science Ph.D.
Computer Science Dept.
Rm 3321 E&CS Bldg; 757-683-6001

Dr. Michele Weigle

Computer Science M.S
Computer Science Dept.
Rm 3214 E&CS Bldg; 757-683-6001

Dr. Raymond Cheng

Computational & Applied Mathematics PhD.
Computational & Applied Mathematics MS.
Math & Stat. Dept.
Rm 2218 E&CS; Ph 757-683-3887; Fax 757-683-5612

Dr. Peter Sedwick

Oceanography PhD
Ocean and Earth Sciences MS.
Ocean, Earth & Atmos. Dept.
Rm 443 Ocean/Physics Bldg; 757-683-5329

Dr. Lepsha Vuskovic

Physics M.S. & Ph.D.
Physics Dept.
OCNPS 415; 757-683-4936

Dr. J. Matthew Henson

Psychology M.S.
Psychology Dept.
Rm 2444C MGB; 757-683-4439

Dr. Robin Lewis

Psychology Ph.D. (Clinical)
Psychology Dept.
Rm 244B MGB; 757-683-4210

Dr. Bryan E. Porter

Psychology Ph.D. Applied Experimental
Human Factors
Psychology Dept.
MGB; 757-683-4239; Fax 757-683-5087