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Minimum Graduate Teaching Certification Standards

I. Introduction

The July 2010 Faculty Handbook of Old Dominion University (p. 150) states that each academic college graduate committee, or its equivalent, shall evaluate the faculty recommendation for certification for graduate instruction by the college's departments. Specific criteria for certification will be published by departments and the college prior to this decision. The Graduate Studies Committee of the College of Sciences shall apply the criteria outlined in this document in recommending to the Dean certification for graduate instruction.

II. Certification Procedure

The Department Chair, in consultation with the appropriate departmental committee(s), is responsible for recommending to the Graduate Studies Committee of the College of Sciences whether a given faculty member should be certified for graduate instruction and, if so, at what level the individual should be certified. The Graduate Studies Committee, which will be composed of all Graduate Program Directors, then makes its recommendation to the Dean of the College of Sciences. The Department Chair will notify faculty who are to be evaluated for certification and provide them with a copy of this document. Faculty undergoing review for the first time may be certified at any time. Faculty undergoing re-certification will be evaluated during the Spring Semester of the final year of their current certification period, with the departmental recommendation being received by the Graduate Studies Committee of the College of Sciences no later than March 1. Faculty are initially certified for a period of three (3) years, with subsequent certification periods of five (5) years.

III. Certification Level

Faculty may be recommended for graduate instruction certification at one of two levels. Faculty certified at Level 1 may participate in all phases of graduate education and are allowed to chair thesis and dissertation committees. Faculty certified at Level 2 may teach graduate courses and serve on graduate committees but may not chair thesis or dissertation committees. Level 1 and Level 2 faculty will possess the terminal degree in their respective fields. Faculty previously certified at Level 1 , but who cannot be recertified at that level, may be given Provisional Level 1 certification in order to complete the training of their current matriculated graduate students in good standing. Unless the faculty member meets the standards of Level 1 certification during this time, they will revert from Provisional Level 1 certification to Level 2 certification upon graduation or termination of their graduate students. Those faculty certified as Level 1 Provisional may not serve as thesis or dissertation advisors for new students until recertified at the normal Level 1.

IV. Regular Graduate Certification

Candidates for Level 1 certification will have met the following minimum criteria. In those instances where departmental criteria exceed those put forward by the College, candidates must meet the more demanding criteria. During the previous five years, candidates will have published

  • at least two articles in refereed journals or other qualified refereed publications, or
  • at least one book through a scholarly press, or
  • at least one refereed book-length monograph.

    Refereed book chapters may substitute for no more than one refereed journal publication. During the previous five years, the candidate will have made at least two formal presentations at national or international scientific conferences. Regional conference presentations may, under certain well-justified circumstances, substitute for national or international presentations. Such substitutions will be considered by the Graduate Studies Committee of the College of Sciences. In evaluating such substitutions, the Committee will take into account the scholarly stature of the regional conference and the extent of the region served by the conference. Similarly, refereed publications exceeding the requirements described above may, under some circumstances, substitute for conference presentations. The burden-of-proof for all substitutions and/or exceptions resides with the department chair who must justify such requests in a letter to the Graduate Studies Committee. Candidates not meeting these criteria may be considered for Level 2 certification.

V. Initial Graduate Certification

Faculty who have held a terminal degree for less than four years may be awarded an initial Level 1 certification. Such faculty should have an expressed interest in graduate teaching and a demonstrated potential for scholarly research. This initial certification will be for three (3) years.

VI. Materials to be submitted when seeking Graduate Certification:

  • a current curriculum vitae
  • (optional) a statement of evaluation and support from the Department Chair
  • (optional) copies of publications, other research or creative work, and/or conference programs and papers presented during the previous five years