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75th Commemoration

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Then and Now

A look back in images at the changes which have taken place in ODU over the past 75 years.

Campus View in 1950

Campus View in 2003

Nancy Wade - A Biology Legend
(late 1960s)

Nancy Wade - Still making her mark!

Dr. John Alfriend at the dedication of
the Alfriend Chemistry Building  (1950)

     Alfriend Chemistry Building today

Dr. Henry Merwin using an Orrery
Model of the Solar System  (1970)

Dr. Henry Merwin today teaching
Astronomy in the Pretlow Planetarium

Geology Field Trip  (1978)

Geology Field Trip
Different Students Same Rocks

Analytical Chemistry Lab  (1973)

Not your father's Chemistry Lab

Chemistry Lab Somehow we survived
Dr. Roy Williams  (1970)

Chemistry Lab - Still Surviving

Chem Lab - Mix this carefully
Dr. C.S. Sherwood and Students

Chem Lab - Safety is still a priority

R/V Albatross (1969)

R/V Fay Slover  (2003)

Dr. Gary Copeland -
Mobile Air Pollution Lab (1970)

Ocean, Earth and Atmospheric
Sciences Mobile Laboratory

Geology Lab (1970)

Geology Lab hasn't changed much

Dr. Gerry Levy - the Dismal Swamp (1973) 

Dr. Lytton Musselman with students

Spectrometer in Astronomy Lab (1970)

Astronomy Lab today

Physics Lab were fun (1970)

Physics Lab - Now

Dr. Jake Becher (I) & Dr. George O' Felt
Physics Research (1968)

The Physics Department built the large
particle detector for Jefferson labs

Sarah J. Miller - Industrial Psychology
Performance Assessment Lab (1978)

Psychology Research
Adaptive Automation Studies

War Training Program, Engineer
Science & Management students (1950)

Military Students are still an important
part of the student body

Ron Johnson
Oceanographer Professor - Then

Ron Johnson
Oceanographer Professor - Now

Science Hall - Chemistry, Biology, Physics
lecture rooms and offices (1930)

Science Building - 2003
Oceanography and Physics

Building the Science Quad
Engineering.& CS Bldg - 2004

Newest Science Building - Coming Soon
Physical Sciences Building Phase II