Frequently Asked Questions

Q.         What is your program model? What degree do you award?

Ours is a scientist/practitioner model. We now award the Ph.D. degree.

Q.         How long is your program?

It is a five year program. The first two years are didactic; the third year is an advanced clinical training year. The fourth year emphasizes the completion and defense of the dissertation and refinement of clinical skills before internship. The fifth year is a full-time, year-long clinical internship.

Q.         Is a master's degree required?

No. A master's degree is not required. However, a suitable background in psychology is required. Approximately 24-30 undergraduate credit hours in psychology constitutes a suitable background. 

Q.         My major was not in psychology. Can I still apply?

Applicants from related disciplines are welcome to apply.  However, because psychology has its own science base, approximately 24-30 undergraduate credit hours in psychology constitutes a suitable background. Psychological statistics and research methods are expected, as well as clinically relevant courses such as developmental psychology, abnormal psychology, personality, and tests and measurement. Experience in clinical work (practicum, volunteer, or paid) and research are also valued.

Q.         What if I already have a master's degree?

Every semester includes prerequisites for the next. Students with master's degrees may be permitted to waive individual courses, but that usually does not result in shortening the length of the program, just lightening the course load.

Q.         Can I attend part time?

Because each semester includes prerequisites for the next, and because there is a seven year limit for the degree, part time study is not practical.

Q.         Where are classes taught?

Classes are taught on the main campuses, and occasionally at a satellite education center.

Q.         What minimum GRE scores do you require?  What about the subject test?

Applications are evaluated in their entirety, and GRE scores are one component of an application. An applicant's grade point average is also considered when his or her GRE scores are evaluated.  No, the subject test is no longer required. 


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