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College of Sciences

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Dr. X. Nancy Xu



Ph.D. The University of Mississippi (Dec 1992)
MS/BS Xiamen University (1989/1985)

Teaching Responsibilities:

Chem 321 (Analytical Chemistry Lecture)
Chem 322 (Analytical Chemistry Laboratory)
Chem 708/422 (Instrumental Analysis)
Chem 552/452 (Analytical Separation Methods)
Chem/Bio/ECE 560/460 (Frontiers in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology) (new course)
Chem 701 (Advanced Analytical Chemistry)
Chem 775 (Physical Biochemistry)
Chem 762 (Adv. Techniques in Biochemistry)
Chem 815/816/817 (Biomedical Sciences Laboratory)
Chem 698 (Master's Research)
Chem 699 (Master's thesis)
Chem 898 (Doctoral Research)
Chem 899 (Dissertation)

Research Interests:

The central theme of our research program is the development and application of cutting-edge bio- and nano- technologies and ultrasensitive analytical methodologies to address fundamental and practical questions in chemical, biochemical and biomedical research.In particular, the primary goal of our research is to study chemical and biological reactions in real-time at the single-molecule level.The research targets the most challenging questions in biology and aims to explore living systems at the single-cell and single-molecule level. Ultimately, this research will lead to the discovery of new chemical and biochemical concepts and mechanisms, and the invention of novel technologies.




Office: Alfriend Chemistry Building Room 215
Laboratory: Alfriend Chemistry Building Rooms 210A, 210B, 211 and 212

Contact Information:

Dr. X. Nancy Xu
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Old Dominion University
4541 Hampton Boulevard
Norfolk, Virginia 23529-0126

Office phone: 757-683-5698
Lab phone: 757-683-4104
Fax: 757-683-4628

e-mail: xhxu@odu.edu