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Department of Ocean, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

Margaret R. Mulholland

Ph.D., 1998, University of Maryland


Biological Oceanography



Nitrogen Cycling, Phytoplankton Dynamics, Microbial Ecology,
Dissolved Organic Material Cycling

Research Interests
Dr. Mulholland works on various aspects of carbon (C) and nitrogen (N) cycling in aquatic systems.  Microbes, including phytoplankton and bacteria, mediate the biogeochemical cycling of these important elements thereby influencing ecosystem structure in marine and estuarine systems.  Particular aspects of these cycles being investigated in her laboratory include the uptake and regeneration of specific N and C compounds by a variety of pathways involving phytoplankton and bacteria.  Current projects include an examination of various aspects of marine N2 fixation and the trophic transfer of recently fixed N2; inorganic and organic nutrient cycling in estuarine systems; nutrient, physical, and climatic controls on harmful algal blooms; nutrient competition among planktonic mixotrophs in estuaries; and the impacts of climate change variables (increased temperature and CO2 and decreased pH) on primary productivity, primary producers, and microbially-mediated C and N cycling.