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Post Doctoral Research Associates

Self Supporting Research Professionals (SSRP)

Post Doctoral Research Associates

Despoina S. Lymperopoulou

OEAS 445
(757) 683-4742

  • Ph.D., National & Kapodistrian University of Athens (2010)
  • Interests: Prokaryotic community assemblage in aquatic environments, spatiotemporal structure – community stability relation, role of predatory BALOs in bacterial mortality and in the shaping of bacterial communities’ structure.

Chris Marsay

OCNPS 3104
(757) 683-4039

  • Ph.D., University of Southampton (2012)
  • Interests: Marine biogeochemistry of iron, Atmospheric deposition of trace metals and nutrients to the ocean, Composition of marine particulate material

Maria Nielsdottir

Pierre St-Laurent

CCPO 3215
(757) 683-5558

  • Ph.D., University of Quebec(2010)
  • Interests: Ocean-Ice Sheets Interactions, Freshwater of Arctic Seas, Tides in Shelf Seas.

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Self Supporting Research Professionals

Katherine C. Filippino

OEAS 441

  • Ph.D., Old Dominion University (2008)
  • Interests: Nitrogen compounds in wastewater effluent and their effect in aquatic environments, nutrient removal in wastewater, peptide hydrolysis in natural waters.

Jason Schaffler


  • Ph.D., Oklahoma State University (2005)
  • Interests: fish early life histroy, daily againg, otolith microchemistry, population connectivity/dispersal.

Robert Tuleya
NOAA Visiting Scientist

CCPO 3231

  • M.S., Pennsylvania State University (1971)
  • Retired from Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory (GFDL)/NOAA, 2002
  • Interests and Affliations: Tropical cyclone modeling GFDL and Hurricane Weather Research and Forecasting (HWRF) systems, hurricanes and climate.

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