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Department of Ocean, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

 Date  Speaker Affiliation  Title/Area of Expertise
9/9/2010 Dr. Declan De Paor Old Dominion University Title: The Google Earth Science Revolution  
9/16/2010 Dr. Dennis Hansell RSMAS (Univ. of Miami) Title: Removal of Major Marine Dissolved Organic Carbon Fractions in the Deep Ocean  
9/23/2010 Dr. Oliver Wurl  ODU OEAS Title: The Sea-Surface Microlayer -- Where the Ocean Meets the Sky  
9/30/2010 Dr. Sonya Legg GFDL/Princeton Title: Mixing by Breaking Internal Tides 
10/7/2010 Dr. Nancy Grindlay UNC Wilmington Title: A High Risk of Tsunami in the Northern Caribbean: Investigations of Active Plate Boundary Faults and Potential Submarine Landslides
10/14/2010   No Seminar
10/21/2010 No Seminar
10/28/2010 Dr. Joe Salisbury Univ. of New Hamphshire Title: Biological and Biogeochemical Science Enabled by the Aquarius and SMOS Salinity Missions
11/4/2010 Mr. Robert Heitsenrether NOAA Title: Recent Developments in Long Term Sea Level Monitoring Technology and the Role of NOAA in Supporting the International Global Sea Level Research Community


 Dr. Tim Crone

 Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory (LDEO)

Title: Measuring the Magnitude of the Deepwater Horizon Oil Leak: Science in the Media Spotlight


Dr. Eugene Domack

 Hamilton College

Title: The Larsen Ice Shelf Collapse: An Environmental System at a Tipping Point


Dr. Mick Follows


Title: Modeling diverse populations of nitrogen fixers in the ocean

12/9/2010 OEAS 441 Students Old Dominion University OEAS  Title: Evaluating Oxygen Dynamics in Lake Ballard:  A Progress Report