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Math requirement must be met with Stat 130 or Math 162M or higher.

The Psychology requirements are as easy as…3, 4, 5!

There are 3 Required Courses:

PSYC 201S (Must be completed with a C or better to major in Psychology; PSYC 201 is a pre-req for all 300-400 level PSYC classes)

PSYC 317 Quantitative Methods (Must be completed with a C or better to take PSYC 318W)

PSYC 318W Experimental Methods

Hint: STAT 130 must be completed with a C or better before taking PSYC 317, PSYC 317 is a pre-req for PSYC 318 and PSYC 317 and 318 should be taken by junior year.

There are 4 Area Courses

Everyone MUST take an Area 1 course

Hint: Don't let this be your first area course…students say it's the toughest area!

At least ONE course must be chosen from three of the remaining five areas.See the curriculum sheet for your choices.  Hint: (The area courses are a great place to get started!)

There are 5 Elective Courses

You can choose your psychology electives from:

Any course from Areas 1-6 OR

Any psychology elective course listed on the curriculum sheet

The Fine Print: You must complete a minimum of 38 hours in psychology. To graduate you must have a 2.00 GPA overall AND in the major. You cannot have a grade lower than C in any psychology course used to meet the 38 hours.

* You must register for AND attend a Major Declaration Session to declare psychology as your Major. Use this information to help you plan your classes if you are unable to attend a Declaration Session before pre-registration begins. The purpose of this information is to provide students with a quick reference to Psychology requirements it DOES NOT REPLACE the information in the University Catalog or on the catalog curriculum sheet: