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Department of Psychology

Bryan E. Porter

Professor of Psychology


Ph.D., Experimental Psychology
University of Memphis.

Research Interests:

Dr. Porter studies large-scale community problems and psychology's role in solving those problems. He has studied techniques for increasing fire safety, pro-environment action, and most recently traffic safety. His current research includes partnerships with government and community agencies that are interested in changing unsafe roadway behaviors. Such work involves field research, behavioral interventions implemented and evaluated, and educational outreach. Topics of interest include: reducing red light running; reducing following too close (tailgating); increasing pedestrian safe walking and driver yielding; increasing safety-belt use by adults and correct child restraint use by children; and aggressive driving.

More Information:

Please see Dr. Porter's website for additional information about his research and courses.

Contact Information:

Room 134B, Mills Godwin Building
Department of Psychology
Old Dominion University
Norfolk, VA 23529-0267.
Phone (757) 683-4458, e-mail: BPORTER@odu.edu