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Faculty members in the Psychology Department are active in research in a wide variety of areas using world-class research resources. Please visit the Faculty Directory for more detail on each faculty member's specific areas of expertise and research interests. 

Laboratory facilities within the department include computer laboratories, a medium fidelity driving simulator, eye tracking devices, and a range of state-of-the-art physiological recording equipment. Furthermore, the department has many collaborative research arrangements in place with other departments, universities, government agencies, private companies, and research institutes. 

The department is committed to providing research opportunities for undergraduate and graduate researchers.  Undergraduate students interested in gaining research experience through our Supervised Research course can find more information under Advising on the left hand menu.  Students interested in the Graduate Programs the department offers can find more information about the Ph.D. and Masters programs under "Academics."


Psychology faculty members collaborate with researchers at VMASC (Virginia Modeling and Simulation Center) on various projects, including evaluating and operating the Battle Lab, investigating the psychological effects of nonlethal weapon use, improving teamwork practices within the Armed Forces, and analyzing and improving the job selection practices at Northrop Grumman-Newport News.


Research projects conducted by psychology faculty and supported by NASA Langley include research on cross-cultural communication in the cockpit, displays that adapt to the state of alertness of the operator, and displays of weather information in air transport cockpits. Other collaborative projects have included studying pilot deviation decisions to avoid weather, brain-computer interface imaging, robotic device control, and signaling systems in the cockpit.


Psychology faculty have joined with faculty at the Eastern Virginia Medical School to investigate the implementation of pediatric asthma care guidelines in adult emergency departments, to evaluate medical simulators for training frequent medical paractices, such as colonoscopy and intravenous catheter insertion,  to research social support processes in coping with HIV, and to study doctor-patient interactions.

Center for Pediatric Research

A collaborative relationship between the Center for Pediatric Research and Old Dominion University contributes to research on the reciprocal relationship between children's health and parents' employment.