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Dr. Nneka Jones Tapia,
Cook County Jails' Executive Director

Dr. Jones Tapia is the first mental health professional to run a major prison! NACo's County News interviews Dr. Nneka Jones Tapia, Cook County Jails' Executive Director on her role and the special perspective afforded to her on issues of incarceration and mental health by her training as a psychologist.

Lindsay Gibson (Class of 1983)

Students and
Alumni Spotlight

Recent publication by Lindsay Gibson (Class of 1983): Adult Children of Emotionally Immature Parents

Book information: Are you one of the countless people who grew up with emotionally immature parents? If your parent's needs came first, you may still recall painful moments of childhood emotional neglect, when your feelings were dismissed, or when you took on adult levels of maturity in an effort to compensate for your parents’ behavior. And although you likely cultivated strengths such as self-reliance and independence along the way—strengths that have served you well as an adult—having to be the emotionally mature person in your relationship with your parent is confusing and exhausting. Emotionally immature parents take a toll on their children. Emotional loneliness is often the result of having parents who were so wrapped up in their own issues they neglected your needs for connection and attention, and even expected you to make them feel better.

You can free yourself from the depleting role of catering to the needs of the emotionally immature. Once you understand how these immature people function, you will no longer feel guilty or ashamed for not helping them more. You will learn how to reconnect with your true self while interacting with others in ways that keep you from being emotionally drained.

Visit for additional information about her and her first book, Who You Were Meant To Be.

Pictured, 1st-Year Students

PICTURED: 1st-Year Students (left to right): John Schwartz, Kelsey Ellis, Phoebe Hitson, Laurel Brockenberry, Quandrea Harper, and Daniel Schaffer

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Students Entering 2016

  • Laurel Brockenberry (Paul Harrell, EVMS)
  • Kelsey Ellis (James Paulson, ODU)
  • Quandrea Harper (Scott Debb, NSU)
  • Phoebe Hitson (Barbara Winstead, ODU)
  • Daniel Schaffer (Serina Neumann, EVMS)
  • John Schwartz (Skye Margolies, EVMS)
Students Entering 2015

  • Leandra Closson (Scott Debb, NSU)
  • Lindsay Howard (Kristin Heron, ODU)
  • Rachel MacIntyre (Kristin Heron, ODU)
  • Peter Preonas (Cathy Lau-Barraco, ODU)
  • Lydia Qualls (Kathrin Hartmann, EVMS)
  • Bilgé Yilmaz (Kelli Will, EVMS)
Students Entering 2014

  • Tiphanie Bivens (Darlene Colson & Desi Hacker, NSU)
  • Dominique Blanchette (Robin Lewis, ODU)
  • Sean Flannery (Michael Stutts, EVMS)
  • Charles Freligh (Serina Neumann, EVMS)
  • Allison Robbins (Michelle Kelley, ODU)
  • Alexander Shappie (Scott Debb, NSU)
Students Entering 2013

  • Jessica Block (James Paulson, ODU)
  • Denise Calhoun (Robin Lewis, ODU)
  • Stefan LaTulip (Richard Handel, EVMS)
  • Will McBride (Richard Handel, EVMS)
  • Kristoffer Park (Desideria Hacker, NSU)
  • Tiren Parker (James Paulson, ODU)
Students Entering 2012

  • Cristina Bain (Jennifer Flaherty, EVMS)
  • Michelle Crewe (Serina Neumann, EVMS)
  • Jacqueline Haywood (Desideria Hacker, NSU)
  • Eva Panigrahi (Barbara Cubic, EVMS)
  • Laurin Roberts (James Paulson, ODU)
Students Entering 2011

  • Sara Bock (Robin Lewis, ODU)
  • Alexis Chappell (Serina Neumann, EVMS)
  • Erin Kurtz (Michelle Kelley, ODU)
  • Michele Laaksonen (Desideria Hacker, NSU)
  • Emily Oettinger (James Paulson, ODU)
  • Takeshia Williams (Kathrin Hartmann, EVMS)
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